Hastelloy Tubes C4

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Hastelloy C4® - UNS N06455

Hastelloy C4 UNS N06455 WNR 2.4610

Hastelloy C4 Seamless Tube

Hastelloy C4 ERW Tube

Hastelloy C4 Capillary Tube

High-temperature stability: 1200-1900°F (650-1040°C) range

Hastelloy C4® compound is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum combination with exceptional high-temperature steadiness as prove by high malleability and consumption resistance even in the wake of maturing in the 1200 - 1900°F (650 to 1040°C) territory. This compound opposes the arrangement of grain-limit hastens in the weld warmth influenced zone, subsequently making it suitable for most synthetic procedure applications in the as-welded condition. C-4 alloy likewise has great imperviousness to stretch erosion splitting and to oxidizing airs up to 1900°F (1040°C).

Hastelloy C4® alloy has extraordinary imperviousness to wide mixture of concoction methodology situations. These incorporate hot sullied mineral acids, solvents, chlorine and chlorine tainted media (natural and inorganic), dry chlorine, formic and acidic acids, acidic anhydride, and seawater and brackish water arrangements.

Research facility precipitation contemplates on C-4 compound demonstrate that the intermetallic encourages (Mu stage) connected with other nickel composites in the 1200 to 2000°F (650 to 1040°C) temperature extent have not been recognized. Fine inter granular M6C carbides can structure however their harming impact is negligible.

Hastelloy C4® alloy can be manufactured, hot-miracle, and effect expelled. Despite the fact that the alloy has a tendency to work-solidify, it can be effectively profound drawn, spun, press structured or punched. The majority of the basic systems for welding can be utilized to weld HASTELLOY C-4 combination, despite the fact that the oxy-acetylene and submerged bend techniques are not prescribed at the point when the manufactured thing is proposed for utilization in consumption administration. Uncommon safeguards should be taken to maintain a strategic distance from unnecessary warmth info. Point by point manufacturing data is accessible in the booklet, "Manufacture of HASTELLOY® Corrosion-Resistant Alloys". Request booklet H-2010. Fashioned manifestations of HASTELLOY C4 combination are outfitted in the arrangement warmth treated condition unless generally indicated. C-4 combination is arrangement warmth treated at 1950°F (1066°C) and fast extinguished.

Hastelloy C4® alloy plate, strip, sheet, bar, pipe and tubing are secured by ASME determinations SB-574, SB-575, SB-6119, SB-622 and SB-626 under UNS number

Product Details :

Tubing Size 1/8"NB TO 30"NB IN
Specialized in Large Diameter Size
Tubing Schedule SCH20, SCH30, SCH40, STD, SCH80, XS, SCH60, SCH80, SCH120, SCH140, SCH160, XXS
Tubing Type Seamless / ERW / Welded / Fabricated / LSAW Pipes
Specification O.D.6-530mm W.T.0.5-40mm L max 24000mm

Chemical Composition :

Alloy* C% Co% Cr% Mo% V% W% Ai% Cu% Nb % Ti% Fe% Ni% Other%
Hastelloy C4 / Hastelloy C-4 0.015 2 14.0-18.0 14.0-17.0 - - - - - 0..70 3 rest/bal Mn 1.0 ; Si 0.08

Physical Properties :

Density: 8.64 g/cm3

Melting point: 1350-1400 ℃