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Stainless Steel U Bend Tube ASME A789, ASME SA213 TP321 / TP321H, U Bend Bending Tube Pipe 321

UB-200-60-18-321: U-Bend, 2" OD, 6" CLR, 18g. 321 SS

UB-150-25-16-321: U-Bend, 1.5" OD, 2.5" CLR, 16g. 321 SS

UB-163-25-16-321: U-Bend, 1.63" OD, 2.5" CLR, 16g. 321 SS

UB-163-25-18-321: U-Bend, 1.63" OD, 2.5" CLR, 18g. 321 SS

UB-163-30-18-321: U-Bend, 1.63" OD, 3.0" CLR, 18g. 321 SS

UB-175-25-16-321: U-Bend, 1.75" OD, 2.5" CLR, 16g. 321 SS

UB-175-25-18-321: U-Bend, 1.75" OD, 2.5" CLR, 18g. 321 SS

UB-175-30-16-321: U-Bend, 1.75" OD, 3" CLR, 16g. 321 SS

UB-175-30-18-321: U-Bend, 1.75" OD, 3" CLR, 18g. 321 SS

UB-175-30-20-321: U-Bend, 1.75" OD, 3" CLR, 20g. 321 SS

UB-175-40-16-321: U-Bend, 1.75" OD, 4" CLR, 16g. 321 SS

UB-175-40-18-321: U-Bend, 1.75" OD, 4" CLR, 18g. 321 SS

UB-175-40-20-321: U-Bend, 1.75" OD, 4" CLR, 20g. 321 SS

U BEND TUBES 321 is a standout amongst the most alluring materials for fumes frameworks due to its fantastic imperviousness to weariness and breaking at lifted temperatures. It is typically the material of decision for high temperature turbo applications, unless great necessities show the utilization of Inconel. We have far reaching knowledge with U BEND TUBES 321 and will be content to support you in utilizing it.

321 stainless steel has a little rate of titanium included as a stabilizer, issuing it better consumption resistance, vibrational dependability and a higher imperviousness to warmth exhaustion than 304 stainless.

Lighter gage U bend 321 tubing, for example, 18ga. (.049) and 20ga. (.035) is ordinarily utilized for flying machine debilitate.

16 gage (.065) U bend 321 tubing is prescribed for turbo-charged applications.

The U-Bend Tube Comply With The Following Standards :

1. ASTM A688/ASME SA688

2. ASTM A803/ASME SA803

3. ASTM A556/ASME SA556

U - Bend Tubes:

• TEMA RCB 2.31 Standard Of the Tubular Exchanger Exporter Association (9th Edition).

• ASTM A688/ASME SA688 Standard Specification for Welded Tubes of Austenitic Corrosion Resistant Steel Grade Designed For Feed Water Boilers.

• ASTM B163/ASME SA163 Standard Technical Requirements for Tubes of Nickel and Nickel Alloy For Condensers and Heat Exchangers.

Product Details :

Name Welded Stainless Steel U - Bend Tube
Material Grade TP304/TP304L /TP316/ TP316L /TP316Ti /TP347/ TP347H / TP321/ TP321H/TP310S/TP310H/TP904L
2132 /2507/2520/2205
S31803, S32205 S32750 S32760 S32304 S32101
Outer Diameter 1.5*OD to 1500mm (When Ordering Tubes With Radius less or equal to 1.5*OD, It Is Necessary To Agree Precision Of Geometrics.)
Straight Tubes Maximum Length (Before Bending): 35000 mm
Leg Length: Min 1 Meter, Max. 16500 mm (For Max R=1500mm)
Heat Treatment Stress Relieved After U - Bending (Bending Area Plus 300MM For Each Leg).
Hydrostatic Test After U Bending: Maximum Test Pressure 600 Bar, Soaking 10 Sec. With Dematerialized Water. Compressed Air Cleaning After Hydro - Test.
Thickness Seamless Pipe: 1mm - 8mm; SCH 5/5S/10S/40s
Tolerance According to the Standard.
Manufacturing Process Cold Drawn, Bright Annealed, Pickling
Test UT, ET, HT, RT, Etc. and others according to the standard, or as the requests of the customers
Certificate ISO 9001, etc.

Applications :

Condensers, evaporators, sea water processing, food processing and refrigeration industries, chemical and petrochemical industries, cooling tubes in ammonia converters, good resistance to hydrogen sulphide and inter-granular corrosion, furnace tubes in refineries

Chemical Composition

Grade C Mn Si P S Cr Mo Ni N Other
321 min.
2.00 0.75 0.045 0.030 17.0
- 9.0
0.10 Ti=5(C+N)